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The wind drenching room in the day

Put on a white coat, through the wind shower room dust removal, reporters follow the "80s" engineer Luo hope to walk into the workshop. In such a large workshop, there are only a few people. Along the induction magnetic strip pasted on the ground, unmanned forklift trucks, unmanned carrier trucks and other vehicles perform their respective duties. "The induction magnetic strip is similar to tape, like a rail to ensure that the vehicle is on track." "It saves a lot of manpower and makes the workshop that used to be a mixture of people and cars in order," Luo hopes!

As a remote station, No. 59 gas gathering station in area 6 of gas production management of No. 1 gas production plant of Sinopec North China oil and gas company is more than 30 kilometers away from Taigemiao Town, Yijinhuoluo banner.

"How to make workers work more comfortable? Tools and fixtures come in handy. " Luo hopes to pick up a memory module and let the reporter press it into the card slot with his thumb. It seems simple, but the reporter feels very difficult. Ten fingers linked to the heart, a little force, thumb pain. The wind shower!

"16 cars have seats and can't be moved!" Zhu Minglei, hurry to get through the car. Ten minutes later, after the trouble was removed, Zhu Minglei apologized to the passenger, relieved and wiped the sweat on his forehead.

Zhu Minglei, 44, has worked in this position for 24 years. "You have to learn fast to keep up with the needs of work." He went from green cars to red air-conditioned cars to white cars and high-speed trains. All the way up, the car ran faster and faster. "When I was just working, I was always said to be" knocking on the car ". I was relying on knocking to listen to the sound to find fault. Now with infrared thermometer, handheld computer and other equipment, very accurate and efficient. In the past, three people were in charge of a train, and the daily wind shower room was strong. Now one person is enough. "?

Like Jiang Longhao, Cui Mengdi, a technician of gas production management zone 6 who shuttles around the gas gathering stations every night with the inspection team, is also the first time he has left home for the Spring Festival. The 25-year-old, who graduated from petroleum geology last year, chose this land far away from the city to realize her life value. "This winter, our whole plant should guarantee 7.7 million cubic meters of gas per day. One of the stations will produce 100000 cubic meters per day on average, which is equivalent to the gas consumption of a prefecture level city. We must always stick to our posts."?

Jiang longhaoci, who has just worked for a year, is away from his family for the Spring Festival. "Even though he is young, he is very strong. The temperature at night here in winter is - 20-30 degrees centigrade, and water vapor often causes gas wells to be blocked. Plugging removal is an important task in winter." Guo Xin said on one side, "the last two nights, he was on duty alone. After the blockage appeared, in order not to disturb our rest, he poured hot water and methanol repeatedly in the cold wind. After drying for three or four hours, he finally solved the blockage, exhaled his breath into ice, and went to the grass-roots level during the Spring Festival!

Luo hopes to call himself "the diagnosis doctor of the factory". Where the production process is not smooth and whether the production equipment can be more humanized, he should be in charge of it. "If you want to go ahead, you must constantly deny the previous innovation, and make new creation with heart, so as to see new hope." However, the innovative "solo" can not be compared with the innovative "chorus", where people gather firewood for a high flame. A tooling and fixture design team led by Luo hope has innovated and designed more than 300 tooling and fixtures.

Who are you looking for when you've blocked the toilet or jammed the door? At this point, people will come into contact with mechanics. What the passengers can't touch is the mechanic's investigation of the hidden danger. Zhu Minglei's patrol habit is to go through the sieve along one side of the car, from the front to the rear of the car, then turn back along the other side, and then return to the monitoring room, "through the monitoring, we can check more than 500 data to judge the condition of the vehicle. You may have nothing to do all the way, but you can't walk God all the way. "!

Just arrived at the company, Luo hopes to find out that the workers are not willing to do the work. If they do, their thumbs will be red and swollen, and they will be worn and bleeding. Back to think about it, he invented the memory pressing fixture, and the hands of the workers have never been red or swollen. Luo hope's innovation was recognized by the company, and he also received a bonus.

People's daily (people's daily, people's daily, people's daily, people's daily, people's daily, people's daily, people's daily, people's daily, people's daily, people's daily, people's daily, people's daily, people's daily, people's daily, people's daily, people's daily.

This year, the performance evaluation of three-level public hospitals was launched nationwide. The third-class public hospitals are "big hospitals" in the eyes of the common people, and every reform related to them affects people's hearts. "Opinions on strengthening the performance appraisal of tertiary public hospitals" proposed that the performance appraisal of tertiary public hospitals should be launched nationwide in 2019, and a relatively perfect performance appraisal system of tertiary public hospitals should be basically established in 2020. In detail?

The Spring Festival is the time for family reunion. In Daniudi gas field, which is located in the northern Xinjiang Autonomous Region, gas production workers are concentrating on the computer screen in front of them, carefully checking whether each pipe network data is normal. For those who control 20 gas wells, safe production is more than days.

Zhu Minglei's identity is a mechanic on board. It is often described in the industry as follows: trains are becoming more and more intelligent. Without a conductor, high-speed rail can drive. Even without a driver, high-speed rail can also drive, but without a car mechanic, that car is not allowed to drive.

February 4 is the new year's Eve. At 7:20, the mechanic Zhu Minglei was on the bus when the passengers who were going home got on the train at the east railway station. More than two hours ago, at dawn, he had started a comprehensive inspection in the garage before departure to welcome the crowd home.

Ministry of Civil Affairs: the national rural minimum living standard has reached 4833 yuan / person / year. By the end of 2018, there are 3519 rural minimum living guarantee objects in China. There are 70000 people, the minimum living standard in rural areas reaches 4833 yuan / person year, and there are 482 extremely poor people. 30000 people, the annual cumulative expenditure for the rescue of the extremely poor!

"In addition to 24-hour monitoring data and regular collection and reporting data every 1-2 hours, we also need to conduct an hourly inspection and regular maintenance of the equipment in the station to check whether there are potential dangers such as blockage, leakage, leakage and overload operation, so as to ensure the safety of the equipment. Guo Xin, head of the pipeline gas gathering station, told reporters.

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